Guided by faith, grounded in knowledge

​​Our Philosophy

As Catholic educators of Holy Spirit Catholic School, we, in partnership with parents, strive to provide each student with the opportunity to acquire a personal relationship with Jesus in an atmosphere alive with the spirit of God. Believing in the uniqueness and value of each individual, we encourage each student to develop a strong, positive self image by providing and expecting a Christian atmosphere characterized by understanding, respect, and acceptance of all people. We also believe that every child is capable of learning moral values and self-discipline skills. We emphasize the importance of individual potential, academic achievement, intellectual and aesthetic growth.

We hope to teach and model behavior which will allow our students to develop the skills to become self-disciplined, reflective, discerning Catholic Christians who are eagerly committed to building the Kingdom of God and bringing the Good News to the world today and into the next century.

Our staff believes that every human being has the right to attain knowledge within his/her own abilities regardless of background, race or sex.

Catholic Faith—Assist families in teaching traditions of the Catholic Church and promoting the practice of our faith to HSCS students.

Excellence in Education—Make the best use of available resources with the most effective educational practices in a nurturing environment. Giving students a strong foundation based on faith and a quality education.

Community—Foster an environment within the school and parish community where parents, students, faculty and staff are welcomed, included and acknowledged for their contributions.

Respect—Expect students, faculty and school families to treat each other with the courtesy and encourage students to exhibit the same behavior in the community.

Discipline—Establish clear boundaries and creating a structured environment conducive to quality education.

Accountability—Encourage students, faculty and families to take responsibility for those things that are in their control and to follow through with commitments.

Consistency—Deliver a quality educational experience and maintaining it year after year.

Leadership—Maintain a visible and active presence within the community and standing as a model of strong values and excellence in education.

​​Our Values

Holy Spirit Catholic School, in adherence to diocesan policy, hopes to accept students who seek a religion-based education. Students will not be denied admission on the basis of race, sex or national origin.

Diocese of Cheyenne
   The Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Cheyenne in partnership with the Church will form the whole person through the Catholic culture of Christian discipleship, moral leadership and academic excellence for life-long service in a changing global environment.

Holy Spirit Catholic Schoo

   Holy Spirit Catholic School (HSCS) provides a safe, nurturing environment for children Pre-K-Sixth Grade by continuing to foster each child’s unique intellectual, moral, social, emotional and physical development. Through a cooperative partnership with our families and community—HSCS strives to offer the highest quality Catholic education with an emphasis on faith formation and service to others based on Gospel Values—allowing students to succeed academically and socially as they continue on in their education and life journeys.