HSCS Faculty & Staff

2021-2022 Staff​​

Receptionist: Dina Stevenson - hscsoffice@wyoming.com

Paraprofessional: Donna Simkin

Bookkeeper/PreK Religion: Yvonne Melson

Custodian: Maria Macias

Maintenance: John Motto

Lunch Room: Michelle Jefferies​​

2021-2022 Faculty​​

PreKindergarten: Jennifer Miller - preschool@rshscs.com

Kindergarten: Amy Copsey - kindergarten@rshscs.com

First Grade: Linda Marcos - firstgrade@rshscs.com

Second Grade: Michelle Moore - secondgrade@rshscs.com

Third Grade: Renae Mivshek - thirdgrade@rshscs.com

Fourth Grade: Sheila Hill - fourthgrade@rshscs.com

Fifth Grade: Jennifer Carr - fifthgrade@rshscs.com

Sixth Grade: Stephanie Current - sixthgrade@rshscs.com

​Music/Physical Education: Leigh Jones - music@rshscs.com​​

To email specific grade/teacher, please use the email addresses provided. If you wish to call a teacher, please use the school's main number (362-6077) and we will forward the message.


Superintendent: Fr. Bill Hill

​Principal: Dr. Angie Spann - hscs2@wyoming.com​​

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