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Uniform Requirements

Students may wear any combination of the items listed below unless otherwise specified:

Solid Navy Blue Pants or Shorts (weather permitting) – No tight fitting pants (i.e., knits, stirrup pants or leggings).  During winter months, corduroy navy blue slacks may be worn.  No cargo pockets, elastic or gathered cuffs, rolled up cuffs of a different color, crop pants or jeans.  A navy blue or black belt may be worn with pants that have belt loops.

White, Hunter Green, or Light Blue Collared Shirts – Long or short sleeved polo, oxford or turtleneck shirts with no embroideries or laces.  Shirts must be tucked in.  T-shirts are not allowed on uniform school days.

Plaid or Navy Blue Jumpers, Skirts, Skorts, and Dresses - Girls may wear plaid or navy blue jumpers, skirts and skorts.  Plaid items must be a blue/green plaid with no white or yellow stripes. The plaid name is Black Watch plaid.  Navy blue or black shorts may be worn under jumpers/skirts/dresses during P.E. classes provided they are not longer than the jumper/skirt.

Navy Blue, White, or Hunter Greed Cardigan Sweaters, Vests or Pullovers - Can be layered but undershirt must be either white, hunter green, light blue, or navy blue.

No logos or crests are permitted on clothing, except those sewn into the waist band. 

Jewelry or hair accessories are acceptable as long as they do not prove to be unsafe or become a distraction.  In such cases, the Principal or teachers may request for their removal.

Shoes and socks must be worn.  Sandals may be worn with socks.  No clogs, thongs or open-backed shoes are allowed.  Socks should be white or navy.  Girls may wear navy or white anklets or tights as well.

Violation of the uniform code – Students wearing incorrect uniforms will be sent to the office to call his/her parents.  Parents will be required to pick up the student or bring the correct uniform attire to school.

For P.E. classes, non-marking, rubber soled shoes must be worn. 

Scout uniforms may be worn with the Principal’s permission.

Please see the school handbook for more information.

Uniform Exchange

HSCS has had a great response to their Uniform Exchange Program.  We currently have a lot of nice, gently used uniforms in a variety of sizes.  Each article of clothing is available for a $1.00 donation.  If you are in need of uniforms or if you have gently used uniforms to donate, please contact the school office at 362-6077. You may also email the school office for more information or to volunteer to help out.

School uniforms have traditionally been a hallmark of Catholic education for several reasons:

  1. Their use fosters a sense of unity and solidarity among the students of a given school.
  2. Uniforms help to promote an environment of equality among students.
  3. The use of uniforms eliminates difficulties in clothing selection for both students and parents alike.

As a visible sign of outward representation of Holy Spirit Catholic School, uniforms should be clean, neat, and in order, reflecting pride in appearance which is consistent with the ideals of the school.

HSCS plaid jumpers and skirts may be purchased online by searching for school uniforms in Black Watch plaid or navy/evergreen plaid. Please do not have a yellow or white strip in the plaid. Other retailers such as Land's End, Target, Sears and JC Penney's may be used for certain items such as short sleeved polo shirts, navy blue shorts and slacks. Some of these retailers have the plaid skirts and jumpers as well In the past, Dennis Uniform Company has had our plaid skirts and jumpers in stock but families have been having difficulty purchasing from them.

Uniforms must be worn on each school day during the year, except on Out of Uniform Days specifically designated by the Principal.  The Principal will, on occasion, distribute coupons for good deeds or other positive actions that can be used for an Out of Uniform day.  The student may choose the day he/she wants to redeem their coupon for non-uniform dress and simply give the coupon to his/her teacher upon arriving at school that morning. Immoral messages printed on clothing and torn/ragged clothing is not permissible. Students may not wear cropped tops or blouses or tank tops, especially those that expose their midriff or undergarments on Out of Uniform Days. Non-uniform dress privileges may be taken away from any student who continually dresses inappropriately. 

On the first Friday of each school month, we observe "HSCS Day."  Students are NOT required to be in uniform on this day.  On these days, clothing with the school logo or mascot are acceptable. Parents are responsible for sending their child to school in appropriate clothing. 

If the temperature reads higher than 40 degrees, navy blue shorts or capri pants may be worn along with the uniform shirts. The length of the shorts must extend to slightly above the knee.  The child's fingertips should touch the bottom edge of the shorts.  This will also be the case when wearing shorts for non-uniform dress.  SHORTS AND CAPRI PANTS CAN ONLY BE WORN WHEN THE TEMPERATURE IS HIGHER THAN 40 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT AND AT NO OTHER TIME. These shorts and capri pants must still be in accordance with the uniform requirements.

Dress Code