Guided by faith, grounded in knowledge

Holy Spirit Catholic School Wellness Policy


  1. Healthy eating patterns, respect for body size differences, and physical activity are essential or students to reach their academic potential, full physical and mental growth, and lifelong health and well-being.
  2. Students in grades KinderPrep-6th grade will receive behavior-focused nutrition education that is interactive and teaches the knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behaviors they need to adopt healthy eating habits.
  3. On an average, all students will typically have 25-35 minutes for lunchtime. Convenient access to facilities for hand washing will be available. Elementary students are not allowed to leave school grounds during the school day to purchase food or beverage.
  4. The State of Wyoming and district physical education and health curriculum standards and guidelines are taught and properly assessed. Students in grades KinderPrep-6th grade will receive behavior-focused physical education that actively engages all youth, regardless of skill level, and that teaches the knowledge, attitude, skills, and behaviors that students need to adopt and enjoy a physically active lifestyle. A qualified instructor teaches all physical education and health classes.
  5. All students in 1st-6th grades will be scheduled for physical education for 45 minutes per day, 2 days per week. Students in KinderPrep and Kindergarten will be scheduled at minimum 30 minutes per day, 2 days per week. All students K-2 will receive instruction by classroom teacher to include a unit on health and nutrition within their Science curriculum. Students in grades 3-6 are instructed in addition to their regular PE schedule by their PE/Health instructor an additional 45 minutes weekly.
  6. All students will have daily scheduled recess. Total daily recess is 25 minutes.
  7. All students have nutritious snacks each day in the morning. Prepackaged, unopen snacks are encouraged.
  8. Dietary guidelines for Americans should be used when deciding on what foods and beverages will be available to students. No vending machines, of any kind, will be available to students during school hours.
  9. Food Service shall provide USDA Dietary policies and regulations when requested.
  10. The school lunch program will meet the USDA requirements for Federal School Meal Programs.
  11. Food Service will provide professional training for their staff in the areas of health, safety and sanitation.
  12. Food Service will offer information regarding health food choices.

Holy Spirit Catholic School will review the Health and Wellness policy and procedures periodically. The committee will consist of administrator, HSCS faculty representative, parent representative, and board representative. Input form School District Number One Food Service Director, PE/Health teacher, and administrator were used to formulate these policies.