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Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu​​

Submitting Lunch Counts

​Please use the form above to submit your lunch counts. Money can be sent to the school with your child as described below. Please note when you use the form, the "yes" selection is already filled in for you. All you need to do is click no if that is not a day you want to have lunch. Each week's lunch menu is in the form and is below. It is also listed in SchoolCues under the Meal Menu Calendar.

Lunch Information

​The federal and state free lunch programs have come to an end. As we still receive our lunch from Sweetwater School District #1, we charge what they charge for lunch. Free and reduced lunch forms are available from the office or in SchoolCues and are reviewed according the directives of School District #1 Nutrition Services. For the 2022-2023 school year, fees for lunch will be as follows:

​Student meal: $3.30 (meal + milk)

Milk only: $.50

Adult meal: $4.75​​

Lunch money for the ensuing month is collected on the LAST THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH except for the month of August. Kindly see to it that the lunch money is delivered promptly to the office (through your child's teacher) on the last Thursday of each month. Make sure the check or money is in a CLEARLY MARKED envelope with your child's name and grade on it.