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A nutritious hot lunch is offered each day at Holy Spirit Catholic School in conjunction with Sweetwater County School District #1. Regular lunch prices are $2.85 for students and $3.50 for adults. Lunch menus are sent home with students once each month.  Because lunch orders for HSCS have to be placed in advance with School District #1, it is necessary to select which days your child(ren) will purchase hot lunches for the entire month and return their order form & lunch money to the school in advance. 

Lunch money is collected on the last Wednesday of each month, except the month of September.  If your child plans to purchase hot lunches during the month, kindly see that their lunch money is delivered promptly to Mrs. Romero in the school office no later than the last Thursday of the month. 

Students are permitted to bring a lunch from home if they are not utilizing the hot lunch program.  Please note that the school discourages bringing "fast food" items into the lunchroom at any time.  It often hurts the feelings of other children in the lunchroom and statistics show that these food items are very unhealthy.  We want to use the lunchroom as another teaching medium which includes healthy eating.

Students bringing a lunch from home may purchase milk through the lunch program as well. The cost for milk is $0.50. Milk can be purchased at any time and does not need to be ordered in advance.  Only milk, water or juice will be allowed in the lunchroom. 

Absolutely no soda pop will be allowed.

Information regarding free or reduced cost lunches can be obtained by contacting either the office at HSCS or School District #1 Nutrition Services.