🕂Be honest in communications and actions

🕂Don’t deceive, cheat or steal

🕂Be reliable–do what you say you’ll do

🕂Have the courage to do the right thing

🕂Build a good reputation

🕂Keep your promises

🕂Look out for everyone

🕂Love thy neighbor

🕂Make good choices

🕂Plan ahead and manage your time

🕂Be diligent


🕂Do your best

🕂Use self-control

🕂Be self-disciplined

🕂Think before you act

🕂Be accountable for your words, actions and attitudes

🕂Set a good example for others

🕂Choose a positive attitude

🕂Strive to adapt and grow

🕂Use your God-given talents to make your home, school, community and world a better place for the greater good of all


🕂Get involved in community activities

🕂Stay informed

🕂Be a good neighbor

🕂Obey laws and rules

🕂Respect authority

🕂Respect each other’s rights

🕂Be service-oriented

Foundations/Keys to Success

Guided by faith, grounded in knowledge

Based on HSCS Values, Catholic Social Teaching, the Beatitudes, the Ten Commandments, Fruits of the Holy Spirit, Six Pillars of Character Development, Mother Mary (our school-wide patron saint) & HSCS Profile of a Graduate & Catholic Identity

🕂Respect life & dignity of the the human person
🕂Treat others with respect and follow the Golden Rule
🕂Use good manners, not bad language
🕂Be considerate of the feelings of others
🕂Don’t threaten, hit, or hurt anyone
🕂Deal peacefully with anger, insults, and disagreements

🕂Be kind
🕂Be compassionate and show you care
🕂Show empathy
🕂Express gratitude
🕂Forgive others and show mercy
🕂Help people in need
🕂Be charitable and big-hearted
🕂Be patient

🕂Be studious
🕂Take responsibility for your learning and grades
🕂Develop a positive work ethic
🕂Seek wisdom and new information
🕂See help when needed
🕂Make an effort to build new skills
🕂Try to always do your best
🕂Show a desire to learn

🕂Play by the rules
🕂Take turns and share
🕂Be open-minded; listen to others
🕂Don’t take advantage of others
🕂Don’t blame others carelessly
🕂Treat all people fairly
🕂Seek knowledge and understanding
🕂Be tolerant and accepting of differences
🕂Be modest and humble