🕂Be honest in communications and actions

🕂Don’t deceive, cheat or steal

🕂Be reliable–do what you say you’ll do

🕂Have the courage to do the right thing

🕂Build a good reputation

🕂Keep your promises

🕂Look out for everyone

🕂Love thy neighbor

🕂Make good choices

🕂Plan ahead and manage your time

🕂Be diligent


🕂Do your best

🕂Use self-control

🕂Be self-disciplined

🕂Think before you act

🕂Be accountable for your words, actions and attitudes

🕂Set a good example for others

🕂Choose a positive attitude

🕂Strive to adapt and grow

🕂Use your God-given talents to make your home, school, community and world a better place for the greater good of all


🕂Get involved in community activities

🕂Stay informed

🕂Be a good neighbor

🕂Obey laws and rules

🕂Respect authority

🕂Respect each other’s rights

🕂Be service-oriented

Based on HSCS Values, Catholic Social Teaching, the Beatitudes, the Ten Commandments, Fruits of the Holy Spirit, Six Pillars of Character Development, Mother Mary (our school-wide patron saint) & HSCS Profile of a Graduate & Catholic Identity

Foundations/Keys to Success

🕂Respect life & dignity of the the human person
🕂Treat others with respect and follow the Golden Rule
🕂Use good manners, not bad language
🕂Be considerate of the feelings of others
🕂Don’t threaten, hit, or hurt anyone
🕂Deal peacefully with anger, insults, and disagreements

🕂Be kind
🕂Be compassionate and show you care
🕂Show empathy
🕂Express gratitude
🕂Forgive others and show mercy
🕂Help people in need
🕂Be charitable and big-hearted
🕂Be patient

🕂Be studious
🕂Take responsibility for your learning and grades
🕂Develop a positive work ethic
🕂Seek wisdom and new information
🕂See help when needed
🕂Make an effort to build new skills
🕂Try to always do your best
🕂Show a desire to learn

🕂Play by the rules
🕂Take turns and share
🕂Be open-minded; listen to others
🕂Don’t take advantage of others
🕂Don’t blame others carelessly
🕂Treat all people fairly
🕂Seek knowledge and understanding
🕂Be tolerant and accepting of differences
🕂Be modest and humble

Guided by faith, grounded in knowledge